The science that climate change is happening and the rapid pace of it is caused by us is clear, yet skeptics who are determined to continue business as usual to maximise their profits are still succesfully clouding the issue. Visit our climate change pages for all of the latest links, newsfeeds and resources, read the climate change books that we recommend in our book review pages (most books listed are available in our reading room at Bridge 5 Mill) and take the skeptics on.

Once you have read through whats really happening and realised that corporations and governments aren’t going to act fast enough to stop runaway climate change, you might want to join a group and take some action. Luckily MERCi has created our ‘Action Manchester’ directory listing all of the groups in Greater Manchester who are campaigning and working towards sustainability and social justice. All these groups welcome new members and volunteers. We also have EN4M which will keep you up to date with what's happening in Manchester. Or why not volunteer at MERCi

Yes maybe it’s the governments fault, yes maybe we are all just victims of the capitalist system, yes we need massive change and sometimes it all seems too much, but we also need to change our own habits. The systems that are in place are providing us with what we think we need, the corporations and media will keep convincing us that we need them as long as they are making money. It’s up to us to reject what we consider to be unsustainable. And yes, sometimes this means questioning, replacing or even rejecting some things that at the moment we consider to be essential, like flying everywhere, updating our gadgets every year, eating meat every day etc etc. We need to get creative; can we cut down on some of these unsustainable habits and can we replace them with fun, engaging and invigorating alternatives? Take a look at our Big Green Guide of sustainable goods and service providers. And to help change you workplace habits see our Sustaining Change Project pages.

So your convinced we need to act, you've read all of the issues, you're active in a group, you've changed your habits at work and at home and you're hopefully having a great time! Now it's time to tell everyone else, Tweet it, Blog it, nag your friends, find a film that inspires you and invite people round to watch it, join websites such as 38 degrees and sign the petitions, organise a public event, a film night, a speaking tour, concert, festival, whatever takes your fancy. If you need help with a venue, equipment, films, speakers or promotion contact us and we will see if we can help.