Alan Guthrie - Herbie Greengrocer Driver
Daniel Bolton Finance Assistant

After finishing my A-Levels in Holy Cross I decided to follow a career
in finance. I started my accounting apprenticeship in September 2012 and
have been progressing through my studies. I started work at MERCi in Feb
2013 and have been receiving support from my colleagues to help develop
my work.

Margot Sullivan - EN4M Worker

After completing a degree in Human Ecology and then a Masters in Environmental Resources Margot worked as a research and development officer, promoting educational opportunities for the unemployed and was involved in setting up the first Educational Guidance Centre in Salford.

Margot has experience of working for a Health Promotion Unit in Leeds, has managed a Resources Room for environmental students and has worked in postgraduate...

Special Thanks to our Volunteers

Sam Willoughby - B5M gardener, Margot Sullivan - EN4M Support, Alex Copeland - Sow Sew Project' Charlotte Allen - Action Manchester Guide, Felix Ubege - Health and Safety

Rafaela Rey Garcia - environmental Audit, Emma Etim - B5M volunteer, Shireen Al Habib - B5M volunteer, Melinda Beaude - B5M volunteer, Sarah Revington - B5M volunteer, Alessia Ciano - B5M volunteer Amy Wilkinson - B5M volunteer, Babalula Taiwo...