Herbie, was set up by MERCi to provide affordable, fresh fruit and vegetables to residents living in areas of East Manchester with poor access to fresh foods.

Herbie is a mobile greengrocer and customers can walk on board and choose from a good range of affordable fresh produce. We also supply boxes of fruit to schools and projects, and work closely with sheltered housing, churches, health clinics and resident groups to ensure that we reach as many people in our local community as possible. We can also deliver beautiful gift baskets of fruit - a healthy alternative to chocolates!

As with all of MERCi's projects, it is envisaged that Herbie will act as an inspirational model for other communities, in similar areas, with the same challenges.

Herbie Timetable Round 1


Ward: Brunswick Collyhurst & Miles Platting

From To Where
11.30 12.00 Carmoor Rd/Swinton Court, brunswick
1.00 1.45 Aldbourne Court, Aldbourne Close, Collyhurst
2.00 2.45 Woodward Court, Woodward St, Miles Platting
3.00 3.45 Park View School, Nelson St, Miles Platting


Ward: Charlestown, New Moston, Higher Blackley & Brunswick

From To Where
9.45 10.15 Broadmoss Centre,Broadmoss Drive, Charlestown
10.30 11.00 Deepdale Court, Northwold Drive, Charlestown
11.15 12.00 Parkfield Drive Dance Centre, Parkfield Rd. North, New Moston
12.45 1.30 Corner of Chain Rd & Cooper Lane, Higher Blackley
1.45 2.30 Sandyhill Court, Sandyhill Rd, off Riverdale Rd, Higher Blackley
3.00 3.45 Medlock School, Wadeson Rd, Brunswick
3.50 4.30 St Luke's Church Project, Devonshire St, Brunswick


Ward: Ardwick, Miles Platting & AncoatsWard: Ardwick, Miles Platting & Ancoats

From To Where
10.30 11.00 Elizabeth Yarwood Court 101 Kincardine Rd, Ardwick
11.15 11.30 Queensbury Court, Wardle St, Miles Platting
11.45 12.15 Sycamore Court, Sandal St, Miles Platting
1.15 2.00 Piercy St, Ancoats
2.15 2.45 Butler Court, Gunson St, Miles Platting
3.00 3.45 Corpus Christi with St Annes School, Carruthers Street, Ancoats

Herbie Timetable Round 2


Ward: Higher Openshaw & OpenshawWard: Higher Openshaw & Openshaw

From To Where
12.00 12.15 Eden Project, Toxteth St, Higher Openshaw
12.20 12.45 Clement Court, Toxteth St, Higher Openshaw
1.00 1.30 Victoria Court, Victoria St, Openshaw
2.00 2.45 Lily Thomas Court, Botha Close, Openshaw
3.00 3.45 St Clements C of E Primary, MELVILLE CLOSE Openshaw


Ward: Ancoats, Clayton, Openshaw & BeswickWard: Ancoats, Clayton, Openshaw & Beswick

From To Where
10.00 10.30 Mayes Gardens, Harrison St, Ancoats
10.45 11.30 Ben St, Clayton
11.45 12.15 Northolt & Trenchard Courts, North Rd, Clayton
12.20 1.00 Wells Centre, North Rd, Clayton
1.45 2.30 Openshaw Resource Centre, Ogden Lane, Openshaw
2.45 3.30 The Grange/ School of resurrection, Pilgrim Drive, Beswick


Ward: West Gorton, Beswick, Ancoats & ClaytonWard: West Gorton, Beswick, Ancoats & Clayton

From To Where
8.30 9.10 St Francis Primary, Ellenbrook Close, West Gorton
9.15 9.45 Crossley St, West Gorton
10.00 10.30 Charlesworth Court, Charlesworth St, Beswick
10.45 11.30 Victoria Square, Bengal St, Ancoats
11.45 12.45 Kelsall St, West Gorton
2.00 2.30 Auden Court, Toledo St, Clayton
2.45 3.45 Armitage Primary, Rostron Ave, West Gorton