The Environment Network For Manchester (EN4M) is a collective of groups and organisations working to improve the environment of Manchester. Our members are involved in a wide range of activities and issues, from wildlife conservation, renewable energy and pollution, to parks, open spaces, recycling and growing organic food.

EN4M helps link groups together, provides information about the Manchester environmental scene through its newsletter Roots and e-bulletins, runs events and training and supports environmental groups in their work.

The Environment Network was formed by MERCi to give a voice to the environmental groups of Manchester, so that they could help to make Manchester a more sustainable city. It is one of the Community Networks for Manchester and helps deliver the Manchester Community Strategy.

We run events and training
EN4M supports environmental groups in their work.


The Kindling Trust is Recruiting!

The Kindling Trust is seeking a highly motivated and driven individual to join their small, committed team, working to revolutionise the food system in Greater Manchester and beyond!

UK Could Finally Ban Polluting Microbeads from Cosmetics, Following US’s Lead

After opting for a phase-out that has been heavily criticised for its loopholes the British government could be moving to pass a law which would ban cosmetic microbeads.

Global Justice Now – What Brexit Might Mean for TTIP and Other Trade Deals

Following the EU referendum result Nick Dearden the Director of Global Justice Now said:

“We will not give up our attempts to build a better world based on equality, democracy and